Best Project Eva!!

For those who know me well (and for those who have read the Meet The Nerd part of this I’d-like-to-say-“unique” blog), you must realize by now that my biggest dream in life, my ultimate ambition, passion in life, is to be a writer. I’ve been in love with writing stories ever since I reach the age when I knew that books didn’t just magically appear out of thin air. Unfortunatelly, I am what you call the standard book procrastinator. It usually takes one full year for me to finish writing one novel, and that says A LOT about me! 😦

Then one faithful day, I stumbled across this particular link called Creative Writing Ink  (thanks to previous vigorous browsing through Novroz’s blog 😛 ), which then led to a post called Writing Excercises.  I fell immediately in love with this…can I say ‘project’? So I’ve decided to join, in the hope of becoming a better writer. In fact, *one little (un)interesting trivia*, this is pretty much the main reason why I’ve decided to create a blog in the first place! 😀

So, it’s time to challenge my inner writer!

Coming soon: Writing Prompt – April 26th !

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

If I don’t contribute at least once a month for this, feel free to…. scold at me gently? Hahaha!


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