Another Monday, another Creative Writing Ink post. And can I just say, I ADORE this week’s picture! Granted, it’s edited –which, like I’ve mentioned in a previous post, is my kryptonite –but my brain automatically jumped with joy and excitement the second I saw this, simply because it has a lot of promises, possibilities for a story. So here it goes. And I won’t get tired saying this: comments and critics are always welcomed. Enjoy!(and please mind the typos)


The sun is slowly dimming. The sky is clear and golden. The air is clean, cold, and liberating. Every now and then, the wind whispers in my ears and the grass tickles my cheeks. I close my eyes and heave a sigh. Everything feels so peaceful.

I’ve always loved this time of day.

I didn’t realize that I’ve spoken my thought out loud until I heard Callum asked, “Why so?”

I open my eyes and stare at the sky. When you lie on the ground, everything in the world seems gigantic. Everything about you, on the other hand, seems minute. “There’s just something mysterious about dusk.” I raise my hand and sway it slowly, imagining the sky would ripple like water. “At dawn, you wake up and picture what your day’s gonna be like. Emancipation, frustration, expectations. But at dusk, you can just lie everything on the floor and let the night guides you through and tells you what to do. Release, contentment, home.”

Lying next to me, Callum starts to sway his hand too. “…What about tonight?”

For a split second, I hold my breath. It’s not that I’m surprised to hear his question –the truth is, I’ve been expecting it –but it’s because my heart still sinks the moment I heard it. This simple fact can only mean one thing: I’m not prepared for this.

Callum shifts to his elbow and stares at me. “It’s okay to be afraid, Violet.”

I swallow and stay silent. I lower my hand and rest the palm on my stomach. Slowly but surely, I can see the clouds gathering right above me, as if swallowing the dying sun. Somehow I wish the world would eat me up as well because I also feel like dying, disappearing.

“Will it hurt?” I ask. Before Callum can answer, I shut my eyes. I’ve known him forever, which means I can tell if he’s lying just by looking at his green eyes. And for now, I just need to hear him say that everything is going to be alright. Whether it’s a lie or not, it doesn’t matter. I just want to trust him because I can’t trust myself. Not right now.

“I will be with you.”

I want to glare at him for not answering my question, but I end up laughing instead. Just a small and quiet laugh, but enough to make me feel a tiny bit better. Leave it to Callum to tell me the sugar-coated truth rather than a straight white lie. I open my eyes and glance at him. “You better be.” Both he and I know that it’s not a threat. It’s a request. A plea. And behind his dark messy hair, his eyes are smiling.

“Geez…get a room!”

We look up, startled. Agness is standing a few feet away and looking at us with her hands on her hips. With her blonde hair tied in a ponytail, she looks like a strict younger sister I never had. “We were just talking.” I mumble as Callum and I get to a sitting position. There’s a grass leaf stuck in my hair and Callum flicks it away. “Where have you been, anyway? You guys are fifteen minutes late.” I ask, trying to ignore the fact that my heart just skipped a beat when Callum’s fingertips touched my ear.

“Ask her.” She tilts her head to Amber, who is standing on her left and holding two red balloons. “She insisted on stopping by at the arcade to buy those. I can never understand your cousin’s way of thinking,Cal.”

I give her a warning look. It’s just so typical of Agness to immediately speak out whatever it is that comes to her mind. It’s not that she said it in a mean way, it’s just so matter-of-factly that it creates a moment of awkwardness afterwards.

“These are for you.” Amber hands me the balloons. She is so shy and quiet that I almost missed her voice. I guess she and Callum has something more in common than the dark hair.

Before I can even open my mouth to say thank you, Agness chimes in. “Just take one, Vi. She looks like she can need one of those herself.”

“Agness, seriously!” I glare at her.

“It’s okay. I think I will keep one.” Amber takes one balloon with her left hand and gives me the other with her right’s. “Hopefully this will cheer you up.”

“Wait, why would she be sad?” Ask Agness with one eyebrow raised.

Amber shrugs. “Because she’s officially one of us now. That’s gotta suck more than anything.”

Just like that, reality sinks in again. I glance nervously at Callum, who is staring at me with his jaw harden. He’s about to say something, but instead he looks away and stare at the ground. I can tell that he wants to comfort me, but we both know there’s nothing he can say that can calm me down without it being a lie. And Callum never lie to me. Just like I never lie to him. Which means it’s going to hurt.

I stare at the balloon in Amber’s right hand, unsure of what to do. If I take it, does that mean I agree with her?

“It’s not all sad and gloomy, you know.” Agness wraps her arm around my shoulder with a huge grin on her freckled face. “The beginning part is hell, sure. But after that, it will be nothing but a never-ending adrenaline rush. It’s exhilirating and exciting, Vi. You’ll love it.”

Callum takes the balloons from Amber and looks up. “We better move. It’s getting darker.” When he walks pass me, he hands me one of the balloon. “Stay close to me.” He says. I can do nothing but nod.

“Dude, you’re forgetting something.” Agness points to Callum’s skateboard on the grass. He grabs it and walks away. The four of us automatically walks in one straight line, like prisoners ready for execution.

When we get to the woods, it’s already dark. We hide all our belongings under a giant tree’s root and wait. For unknown reasons I decide to hold on to the balloon, as if holding it will make everything seems more normal. I look at Callum only to find that he’s decided to do the same thing. Our eyes meet. I try to smile but my whole body feels numb. With his free hand, Callum stroke my hair. I hold my breath and prepare for the worst.

“Here it comes…” Agness looks up, her eyes bright with anticipation. From behind me, I hear Amber sighs. I can’t bear to look at Callum so I look up as well.

And there it is. Clear and cloudless.

The glorious full moon.

My heart is pounding. My blood is rushing.

In front of me, Agness’s body starts to shake. I look over my shoulder only to see Amber is now crouching, her hands pulling her long, dark hair as if trying to rip her skull open. None of them make a sound, but I can feel the excruciating pain as if they were screaming in agony.

A minute feels like an hour. Every breath taken feels like ice. I can still remember Agness’s words clearly: The beginning part is hell.

The next thing I know, I’m staring at two different wolves. One brown and one black. Agness and Amber. They are both staring at me, waiting. My feet are nailed to the ground.

“Callum…” I look to my left, fingers shaking.

And there he is. A grey and white wolf. He looks up, his pair of green eyes piercing me. My eyes are watering like an overflown sink. He moves closer and touches his nose to my knees.

I will be with you.

My feet give up and I slip to the ground, causing my forehead and nose to touch the wet dirt. On my knees, I grab a handful of dead leaves and hold them tight. The sound of the crackling leaves in my knuckles fills the silent night. I take a deep breath and close my eyes.

My muscles are twitching. My ears are ringing. I bite my lower lip and whimper.

I can feel the wolves surrounding me, protecting me as I go through the transformation.

I can feel blood in my mouth as my body is peeling and melting away.


Under the moonlight, I am silenced.

Amber’s balloons are now nothing but a pair of red dots in the dark, cold sky.

Three wolves jerk their heads up and start to howl.

A second later a white wolf joins in, new and awkward. Me.


Writer’s note: The story is inspired by Maggie Stiefvater’s novels: Shiver; Linger; Forever (The Wolves of Mercy Falls). Yes, I’m obsessed with them! And now that the saga have finally ended, it just felt right for me to write this to pay a tribute to one of my favorite novels of all time 🙂

15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Wanda
    Aug 12, 2011 @ 14:36:14

    Great story! 🙂


  2. Neni
    Aug 12, 2011 @ 22:37:51

    yeah indeed, interesting and great story. You have good control over this story from the beginning till the end. It flows smoothly.
    And it’s succesful to gain my curiosity to read till the end… 🙂


  3. nadhilaaz
    Aug 13, 2011 @ 14:44:49

    gw kira gara2 lagi demen Teen Wolf… *ditimpuk*


  4. Novroz
    Aug 18, 2011 @ 09:57:14

    This one is quite long. too bad I am not into werewolves


  5. CBCondez
    Aug 27, 2011 @ 18:23:35

    Another great one! I really admire your style of writing and, by golly, your imagination!

    I just have a question for this story: How did Violet know what color of wolf she turned into?


    • si_ulil
      Aug 28, 2011 @ 12:16:04

      Golly, thank you for the compliment! The fact that you read two stories from my blog in the same day really touches me.

      As for the question, I believe Violet saw her own front feet to see the color of wolf she turned into. Just like how we know the color of our skin by looking at our hands and feet, I guess. 🙂


  6. Martha
    Aug 29, 2011 @ 18:39:47

    Great story…reminds me a lot also of the Twilight series. It’s funny where the imagination can take you just using a simple picture as a starting point. Keep it up!


    • si_ulil
      Aug 30, 2011 @ 06:37:23

      Thank you so much, Martha! I wasn’t thinking of Twilight when I wrote this, but it’s nice to know you are reminded of it.
      I think Olive from Creative Writing Ink deserves the credit for providing the awesome pics 🙂


  7. danniehill
    Sep 03, 2011 @ 11:38:43

    I just got a Tweet to take a look at your work, Si. I’m very impressed. I’ve read several of your shorts and your imaganation is amazing and dark. Dark is not a bad thing. You do have a special voice and I only see a few places where your English is off just a little– to my ear. That too is not a bad thing.

    I can only encourage you to continue because you write so well and I’m impressed with your editing also.

    I have lived in the dark and it seems I can only write about the light so you are doing something that would take all my concentration to do. And even then I’m not sure I could or would want to hold the darkness you write about. And with such ease.

    I will read more and comment as I go. I want you to know I have only encouragement for you!

    I’m not a big fan of werewolves and vampires but I understand the attraction and I really did enjoy this story. Very well done.


    • si_ulil
      Sep 11, 2011 @ 18:37:35

      I have already thanked you in Twitter, but I won’t hesitate to do it again here. Such a wonderful and encouraging comment, Dannie (hope it’s okay to call you that). Please, don’t hesitate to correct my grammars in my comment box as it will be nothing but an important tool to improve my skill.

      Again, thank you so so much. Looking forward to reading your Dragon story 🙂


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