Top 5 Fav. Female Singers

A few (probably two or three) weeks ago I saw a Top 5 Favorite Female Singer post on Novroz’s blog and I simply have to join! Unfortunately something was wrong with my internet connection and laptop so I couldn’t immidiately post this. In fact, I was MIA for a whole week!

But now that everything is back to normal, I can proudly present my version of Top 5 Favorite Female Singers! Yay! 😀

(Female singer in a group is excluded)


#5. Katy Perry

Katy Perry


Comical, whimsical, and gorgeous. Those are some of the words I can use to describe this singer (along with feisty and fierce). Perry is one of the few pop singers with songs that can easily stuck in my head for days. With the exception of California Girls, I get addicted to her songs the minute I hear them on the radio. What makes me like her even more is the fact that her music videos can be so darn Hi-La-rious at times (Waking Up in Vegas and Last Friday Night may be the case in point) and touching and inspiring in others (Thinking Of You and Fireworks). In comparison, I’d chose her over Lady Gaga any time, any day, any where.


#4. Pink



Pink is one of the few artists that I like not just because of the songs, but also the personality. She NEVER lipsyncs even when she does some crazy acts on stage (I can still remember her performance where she was practically dangling on air by a string or some fabric they usually use in circus shows), she’s an outspoken animal lover, and an all-round carefree spirit. I love how she’s evolved from the ultimate party rockin chick in the 90s with songs like Get The Party Started to being a perfect representative for the underdogs with songs like F*cking Perfect and Raise Your Glass without losing that edge, that awesome personality.


#3. Adele



A beautiful lady with a highly distinguished voice and a huge talent to create catchy yet heart-felt songs. Chasing Pavement and To Make You Feel My Love are arguably my go-to songs whenever I feel the need to cry my eyes out in the karaoke room over my pathetic love life, while Turning Tables and Rolling in The Deep break my heart every time I listen to them. I read somewhere that Adele had actually never imagined herself to be a recording artist, which amazes me to no end. With that beautiful voice and such song-writing skills, come on!




#2. Rosi Golan & Colbie Calliat

Go on, boo me for cheating. I can’t really pick between these two talented singers! They are on the list in the same number (rank) because of a different reason. With Calliat, she writes absolutely adorable songs like Bubbly, I Do, and Falling For You, the kind of songs that are just so sweet and  gives you a warm, tingling feeling inside, especially when you’re head over heels with someone.

With Golan, she writes songs that makes you wanna lock yourself in your bedroom, curl up in your bed under the blanket, and pretty much be a mellow wreck. Songs like Lullaby and Come Around are the perfect examples. And every time I listen to her song, Hazy (featuring William Fitzsimmons), I can hear my heart breaks into tiny little pieces! And when I say ‘everytime’, I mean every-stinkin-time! That song is so painfully beautiful!


Rosi golan


Colbie Calliat

The point is, both artists are brilliant, and both have songs that take A LOT of space in my MP3 player.


And now, drum roll please!

My number one favorite female singer is….



#1. Ingrid Michaelson



A genius. There, I said it. I literally can’t explain why I am obsessed and in love with this artist so much. There is a reason why her songs are played in almost EVERY television series in US and you simply have to listen to her songs to know what I’m talking about.


Like Rosi Golan, she has this amazing talent of writing simple yet beautiful lyrics. She collaborates a few times with my all-time favorite male singer, Joshua Radin, and the result never disappoint. Turn to Stone and Keep Breathing are my all-time favorite songs of hers. And whaddaya know! Both are soundtracks for Grey’s Anatomy, US most popular TV drama series! Just saying…


Honorable Mentions:


–          Natasha Bedingfield for her catchy tunes and unique voice (Again, Touch, I Wanna Have Your Babies, the list goes on and on).

–          Sara Barilles for her fun songs (Love Song, King of Anything) without forgetting the heart-wrenching ones (Gravity)

–          Regina Spektor. I’ve already thought of her as one of my favorites even though I’ve only heard two songs from her so far (Better and Samson). Yes, she’s *that* good!


There you go. My Top 5 Female Singers (Solo). Care to share your version?

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Novroz
    Aug 27, 2011 @ 03:16:10

    Hehehe I only know 1 singer from your list and she is in my honorable mention which I forgot to write, she is Pink 🙂

    Female singer in a band is excluded? If I did that, I only have 3 singers in my list.

    A friend asked me to do fav male singer…this will also be male in band as I don’t have fav solo singer except Mika.


    • si_ulil
      Aug 28, 2011 @ 12:01:02

      Yes, I have to exclude the female singers in a band, otherwise I would’ve put Florence from Florence and the Machine & Hayley from Paramore. Gosh, making the list for the male singer would be even harder for me because have tons of favorite solo singers!


  2. nadhilaaz
    Aug 31, 2011 @ 18:25:58

    Wow, if I’m doing this, it’ll be filled with female guitarists instead. Hahaha :p


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