Peace At Last

I’m baaaaack!!!!!! After almost a month of MIA, I have finally returned to Creative Writing Ink! Aaah….it’s always good to be back! Since I’ve missed out a lot, I’m going to try to catch up by writing the stories based on the last picture I saw before I “disappeared”.

So, let’s just get to it. Without further ado, I give you:


Peace At Last


I was six years old when it all started.

I wish I could say I knew I had it coming, but I didn’t. But then again, what would you had expected from a six-year-old?

It started as an innocent prank. They always are. I wish it didn’t. At least I wouldn’t be blaming myself as often.



I have the jar of grasshoppers in my hand as I run inside the house. I’m grinning from ear to ear. To think, Mum would freak when she sees them on her vanity desk!

Despite my enthusiasm, I slowly open the door. I wouldn’t want anyone to notice me doing some mischief, especially not Dad. He’s been in a bad temper lately. I actually hope this little trick would cheer him up, though it’s at the consequences of Mum’s wrath.

There’s no one inside. I pick up the pace and run to my parents’ room. I can hear the squishy sound of my wet sneakers leaving mud all over the floor. Mum’s not going to like the view, I’m sure. But I have more important things to do.

When I reach Mum’s vanity desk, I tap the jar. All the grasshoppers inside go ballistic and start jumping. I take a deep breath and open the jar. The minute I put it upside-down,

all of them hop onto the desk. I can’t help but grin and giggle. They are so adorable; I can’t believe I never thought of keeping them as pets!

As I admire the grasshopper’s little dance, I hear footsteps outside. A second later, I hear Mum groans in exasperation. “For God’s sake! I just cleaned the damn thing a minute ago!” She sounds frustrated. I guess she must have seen my dirty little foot prints.

Wait ‘til she sees this!

I hear her approaching the room. I quickly look around, trying to find a place to hide. The space under the bed would be a great choice, but I end up running into the closet because it’s closer from where I was standing.

A few second later, the door flung open. I open a tiny gap big enough to see everything without being seen. I see mum throwing her purse on the bed and walk across the room. She looks crossed. I’m starting to think the whole grasshopper thing isn’t a good idea.

When she walks to the desk, I lean on the door to get a closer look. But to my disappointment, I can’t see her. I would have to open the closet a bit more to catch a glimpse of her over the desk, but that would mean blowing my cover. This sucks! After all the effort, I won’t be able to see the result!

“What the –?! DARYL!!!!”

Mum screams at the top of her lungs, calling dad. I hear the sound of his boots, all wet and muddy from spending too much time on the yard to grow and plant stuffs. When he appears in the room, shiver goes down my spine. He looks angry, frustrated, spent, and emotional all at the same time. I’ve never seen him like this.

“What now?” He’s standing in the doorway, making it extremely easy for me to watch his expression.

“Look what your precious little son did!” I hear mum yells. I don’t have to see her face to know how angry she is. And disgusted. I feel a giant lump in my throat as I try to swallow my fear. They’re going to fight again…

Dad walks closer to the desk. I can’t see him anymore from where I stand. But I vaguely hear him chuckle.

“THIS is NOT funny! For once in your life, teach that kid a lesson!”

“It’s just an innocent prank! What do you want me to do, beat him with a stick?!”


“Don’t you use that tone with me! I’m the victim here!”

“Yeah, right! You’re always the victim, Victoria! You’re always the one with so much to lose and making all the sacrifices!”

I feel the wooden floor shake as their voices grow louder and louder.

“Oh, great! Now you wanna go there?!”

I shut my eyes and jam my palms to my ears. The voices disappear but the floor is still shaking with rage. Please stop. Not anymore. Please!

All of a sudden, I feel a thud. Something falls on the floor. Something huge. I dare not open my eyes, but my ears try to pick up other sounds.

Something is being dragged across the floor.

The door is slammed shut. Finally, silence.

With breath panting, I open my eyes. Hands shaking, I push the closer open. I expect something bad. Something awful. Something ugly.

But there is nothing. I’m standing all alone in my parents’ room.

The grasshoppers are still on the desk, jumping with joy as if nothing happened. But I know something did. Because I see a streak of something red on the floor. A long streak, from the desk all the way to the door and further.


I walk to the kitchen and find no one. I stand in the living room and meet no one. I call out for anyone but hear no one.


As I walk to the window, I see two things outside: the dark clouds above, and a hooded figure. With mum on his back and a shovel in his hand.

I stare at the figure. Lean and familiar.

“Wait…” I finally find my voice. But it’s so faint, he won’t hear. The next thing I know, I’m running out of the house and into the prairie.

I see him a few yards away, near the trees. I don’t see mum.

His hood is blowing from the wind. His shovel is covered with dirt.

“What…did you do?”

He turns around and I find myself staring at dad’s grey eyes.

“Hey, son.” He greets as he drops his shovel to the ground.

I walk closer. “Where’s mum?”

He stares at the ground. At the fresh mound.

“She’s at peace now, Damon.” He finally whispers. “Peace, at last.”




This is a continuation from a past short: Blue

As always, comments and constructive are always welcomed. God knows I need all the help I can get after month without this J

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Novroz
    Nov 23, 2011 @ 23:08:35

    aw scary! it reminds me so much of King’s latest novella, but in that story he killed his wife and the son helped hiding the body…and from then on, their life was no longer the same.

    Unexpected imagination from that picture.


  2. CBCondez
    Nov 26, 2011 @ 06:12:08

    An excellent prequel! This explains a great deal on why Damon had become such a little demon in “Blue”. Good one!


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